Our specialized staff at Chain of Love (social worker, psychologist, and teacher) have developed some amazing programs that support and enrich the children’s lives, as

well as further enhance the caregiving skills of the houseparents and staff. 


(Continued SKILL DEVELOPMEMT & trainIng)

With the goal of excellence in all areas of our work with and care of the children, this project provides houseparents and staff with continuing education and training in the form of courses, lectures, and seminars.



  • Improve knowledge of childhood and adolescent development,

so as to provide optimal care.


  • Learn effective strategies for dealing well with challenges and

problems encountered in caregiving.


  • Strengthen caregivers so they can teach both ethical Christian values and

educational and psychosocial concepts, as per the mission of Chain of Love

and in accordance with the Child and Adolescent Statute.



Project (connects a caring adult (the big brother or big sister) with a Chain of Love child (the little brother or

little sister) whose chances of moving into a foster

or adoptive home, or of returning to their biological

family (or other relatives) is remote. The big brother

or big sister plays a critical role in the life of the little brother or little sister by building a close helping relationship, as well as by supporting the child’s

education, upbringing, and life projects.



  • Provide our children and teens with close connections and caring adult relationships, and increase their emotional wellbeing through the establishment of family-like bonds.


  • Create long-term bonds that will last even beyond the child's time at Chain of Love.


  • Build connections and foster involvement with Chain of Love's local community.


This project aims to strengthen relationships and establish close bonds through sports and recreational activities

such as indoor soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball,

tug-of-war, dodgeball, chess, field trips, tournaments,

and other games.



  • Promote health and physical wellbeing.


  • Improve school performance.


  • Develop prosocial behaviors and skills, including self-control, personal discipline, collaborative teamwork, reduced aggression, conflict resolution, and socialization.


  • Build bonds between the children/teenagers, caregivers, and the whole community.


With each home comprised of up to ten COL children or teenagers, two houseparents, and the houseparents’ biological children, there are many ongoing needs for basic supplies, necessities, and other resources. This includes maintaining, repairing, or replacing as needed smaller household items such as lights, toasters, and bedding all the way up to larger and more costly appliances and furniture items such as couches and washing machines. 


While none of the homes are lavishly furnished, we place high priority on offering the children a welcoming environment to live and grow up in. We feel it is important that the homes have the needed items to be kept clean, cozy, organized, and comfortable.


Unfortunately, COL’s financial resources are insufficient to meet all the needs required and this is an area of ongoing stress and challenge.



  • To be able to replace and maintain aging furniture, appliances, and other household supplies and necessities when needed, so as to ensure each home has the required items to provide the children and families with a safe, clean, cozy, organized, and comfortable living environment.


  • Revitalize as needed the 7 regular houses and the transition house in the COL campus as appropriate in order to meet the needs of each family.


  • Allow the houseparents to complete household chores and tasks (such as cooking and clothes washing) in a timely and effective manner, so as to allocate as much direct time as possible with the children and teenagers.


In this project, volunteer teachers of a variety of subjects generously donate their time to help children and teenagers with learning difficulties achieve success in areas in which they are struggling.



  • Help our children and teens achieve academic success and

reach their full learning potentials.


  • Supplement and support the work done by the COL teacher.


  • Provide assistance to children struggling in specific areas or subjects.


This project aims to prepare, introduce, and insert COL teenagers in vocational trainings and/or the labor market.



  • Prepare our teenagers for the labor market and set them up for success and

independence as they transition into adulthood.


  • Discover the teenagers’ skills and interests; develop their resumes; prepare them

for successful job interviews; teach them how to properly interact and behave in an employment environment; and help them move into appropriate vocational

trainings or employment positions.


  • Help our teens develop a hard work ethic and learn invaluable skills such as self advocacy; goal setting; and working well with others in an employment capacity.


  • Allow our teens to experience what it means to be a citizen who knows his/her rights.



Some of our children and teenagers have learning, emotional, behavioural or other special needs and challenges that require the expertise of specialists and therapists. This program offers specialized consultations

in areas such as psychology, educational psychology,

and speech language therapy.



  • Reduce emotional suffering and improve quality of life, leve of functioning, and coping.


  • Provide psychological support for children struggling with trauma, loss, and

abandonment stemming from difficult experiences prior to coming to COL.


  • Improve performance at school.


  • Diminish the child’s aggressiveness or misbehaviours at school and COL.


  • Strengthen the bonds between the children/teenagers, their houseparents, their biological family, and the community.


Chain of Love provides excellent internship opportunities for students in the fields of social

work, teaching, and psychology. If you are

interested, please contact us by e-mail at or by

telephone at 55-51-30490155 


This project is still a dream as we are in need of a volunteer teacher and/or partners to help with the financial cost. 


Chain of Love already has many of the needed elements for this dream to become reality: a room where classes could take place, some musical instruments and, most importantly, many children and teenagers looking forward to have music lessons (playing and singing). We believe this would make such a difference for our children and teenagers, but we need help to make this dream happen.



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